All New and Shiny…

It is time for me to build an author platform. The more research I do and education I receive, the more I keep hearing about this animal, the “author platform.” I get it. I also agree with it — that as an author you should have one. What I don’t agree with is the sterility of it all…

I read numerous blogs from magnificent authors, literary agents, writing communities and the like. The information contained on those sites is invaluable. One recurring theme on these information resource pages when dealing with the author’s platform is that the site you create should be simple. Sterile. White with black writing. Plain. I simply do not agree with this philosophy and I cannot follow that piece of advice.

A blog or any other website should be alive and thriving. I don’t get “alive and thriving” when all I see is black and white. I understand and agree that the blog needs to be easy to read — no small type, hard to read fonts, or weird colored text. However, when I run across a black and white page, I feel that there is going to be so much rigidity in the writing found there and ultra-professionalism that it is almost hard to believe the blogger is human. I get an immediate sense that what I read is going to be written with the same lack of flare that the site is showing. We all have feelings, emotions, and ways to express ourselves and we should show the human side of ourselves in our webpages too.

That takes us to my new blog, which is all new and shiny… It is the brand new start for my author platform and it isn’t sterile. I attempted to blend the main requirements — easy to read and colors that are not hard on eyes — with some flare and fashion. You will notice that the theme I have chosen adds color to the pages while still allowing the reading to be easy — black text on a nearly white background. The best of both worlds!

So here’s to kicking off my author platform! What you will find in these posts and pages is information about self, the topics that I am passionate enough about to write about, and sometimes some quirky little anecdotes and quotes. There will be information on writing that is beneficial to writers — aspiring and published alike. But most of all, I will be blogging about whatever current manuscript I am working on. There are several works in progress; but for now I will be focusing on my book which deals with earning a great salary without a college degree and without selling your soul to the devil or sleeping with anyone other than your spouse.

If you want the lighter side of me, visit me at my personal blog: Thoughts, Inspiration, Writings. This is where most of me hangs out — I still can’t let all of me show LOL! It is mostly a blog about writing; but this is my more personal blog where you will see even more of the human side of Kym and less of the professional me.

Drat! Now it’s no longer new and shiny. I’ve marked it up with words… Yay!


8 comments on “All New and Shiny…

  1. Congratulations on taking the step to build your author platform! I ended up starting my blog after reading advice from Absolute Write Forums back in November. Have fun with it and checking out your blog stats will never get old LOL.

    Keep smiling,
    P.S. What type of stories do you write?

    • Thank you Yawatta and thanks for leaving love on my blog! I write romance novels and books on empowerment (creative non-fiction). I dabble in poetry also. Currently I am participating in ScriptFrenzy and swiftly finding out I am not a script writer LOL! What’s your writing passion?

      • I write romance and women’s fiction. I usually create short stories (or novellas–I learned that new term when researching), but I’m trying to challenge myself to write novels.

        Back in the day (I’m talking when I was a teen and in my early twenties during college) I dabbled in screenplay writing. I found that I was over-directing which was a big no-no. So, eventually I got out of that and started transcribing my screenplays into a comic book, so I could give off character expressions, etc. with pictures and dialogue.

        Keep smiling,

        P.S. Good luck with ScriptFrenzy! Why do you think you aren’t a script writer?

      • I am not a script writer because I too give too much direction. I am too “chatty” outside of the character dialog. I cannot seem to get myself to get the characters to show and tell — too used to having a narrator of sorts telling the story while the characters play out the scenes.

  2. It’s nice to meet you and your new blog, Kym. I think that everyone should have a blog and website, whether personal or professional, or better yet – both. Best wishes to you as you grow your author platform. It is good to have a theme and focus to your platform, which you have done. I suggest setting up a Facebook fan (people) page as an author. There is a lot to learn with the Internet-age, but it’s all worthwhile.

    • Why thank you for the warm welcome to the AiA Mel! Yes — I’ve found those articles that you speak of and have been perusing them. Lots of resources and information on the site for me to absorb. So glad to be a member!!!

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