Time Management for Writers

Like me, there are many authors who have other roles in life in addition to writing. I, myself, have a full-time job outside of my home, I have 3 children — two still in elementary and one adult child, a granddaughter, and 2 other businesses. All that on top of writing…

Time is usually not on my side. I have a very busy day job which I absolutely love. It’s not often that you get to work in a position that you love. I am blessed to have both a day job that I love and my writing passion. I do not have time during my work day to sneak in writing time. Sometimes I am able to write at lunch; but generally I surf the web and wolf down a sandwich during my lunch hour. After work, there’s picking up the boys from karate class, getting dinner made and eaten, and preparing for school and work for the next day. And of course, I have to make quality time for my husband. When then do I have time to get writing done???

It’s been a real struggle for me. I have found time for writing early in the morning. Because we are a one car family, I get to work 1.5 hours early every day. My goal is to dedicate this 90 minute timeframe before my work day begins to writing. Haven’t quite mastered that, but it’s coming. And after reading a great article on the Make A Living Writing Blog, which can be found here, I think I will have this time management for writers down to a science by the end of next week.

I took the time after reading the article to follow the writer’s advice. I pulled out my iPad, got the calendar up on screen, and on each of the 7 days of the week I scheduled one, and only one, activity to concentrate on. I do have that bonus — having those 90 minutes in the morning when I am wide awake and coherent and sitting at a desk in front of a computer in an almost silent office. I get to do two things each day — write for 90 minutes in the morning, and then the day’s activity that I’ve scheduled that is my focus for that day. Gladly, I get to get a little more mileage out of Carol’s time management suggestion; however, even if you can only do what Carol suggests in her article then I think you’d be putting yourself on a plan for success.

Really, I’m looking forward to this new grip on time management that I have instituted in my life. I hope it works for me as well as it worked for Carol. I really think it will. It has already forced me to determine the “must do’s” from the “I should get this done at some point in my life.” It made me prioritize the stack of stuff I had on my plate, file away what didn’t need to be there, and decide what is really important to me in life. Those are the 7 things that I assigned to each of the 7 days of the week. The rest of the stuff? Well, it’s on my “To Do Someday” list..

Let’s share our strategies — maybe what you do to make time to write will help someone else along the way. What time management strategies have you implemented in your writing life to ensure you get time to write?