Looking for a Writing Partner…

I just wanted to put it out there that I’m looking for a writing buddy. Someone serious about writing who will help keep me accountable and keep me writing. My buddy should want the same from me in return.

I am looking for someone who wants specific deadlines to help keep us accountable. We can do it weekly or bi-weekly; however, I need at least bi-weekly communication.

It can be someone outside of my hometown (Gwynn Oak, MD) as long as the person is an avid computer user and doesn’t mind communicating via e-mail and Skype when we aren’t able to chat otherwise.

Gender does not matter…

I write primarily creative non-fiction — empowerment books. Telling my story/experiences or the experiences of others in such a way that it will inspire and encourage you to act in your own personal situation.

I also write romance novels. And I dabble in poetry.

However, I am an avid reader of all genres. I would prefer a partner who at least is an avid reader of creative non-fiction in order that they can give me an objective opinion. However, if you feel that you are able objectively and constructively offer your criticism, then let’s get together!

This is not a paid gig. It is a mutual writing relationship where we help each other improve our manuscripts and push forward to publication day.

Lastly, I would love to form a writing group in my area (or join one if one exists) where I can meet up with other writers in a group.

If you are interested in partnership, comment below or shoot me an e-mail. The writer’s life is so much easier when they have someone to commiserate with together…