A Cat and Dog Tale…

I have a husband, three boys, a dog and a cat. Tuxedo is my cat. He is a one and a half year old, 14 pound fur ball. Yep, I have a 14 pound cat… He’s been on a diet for over six months now and is not happy about it. Tuxedo is long haired and gentle as ever. He slinks around the house ensuring that it’s known he is King of the Castle. Then there’s Ebonie, my puppy. She is a nearly one year old Shorkie — a Shitzu and Yorkie mix designer breed dog — weighing in at maybe 4 pounds. They call them “designer” so they can charge you a decent price. They mix these two breeds to develop the Shorkie breed that takes the best of both breeds in its makeup. Shorkie’s have the utmost loyalty to their humans and want to do nothing but please them and be in their presence. Ebonie is the epitome of her breed, and as such she has become my main writing partner. What other choice does she give me?

Puppies are very playful as everyone knows. Ebonie has more energy then a child at the carnival who’s just eaten a whole bag of cotton candy. She tires me out just watching her run back and forth, and she is unrelenting in her playfulness with Tuxedo. Now remember, we all grew up learning that cats and dogs were enemies… But not these two, whoa! If Ebonie is not chasing Tuxedo and leaping on him, wrestling him to the ground before scurrying away, then Tuxedo is chasing her. Literally. I have lots of footage on my iPhone of this seemingly huge cat chasing after such a small dog. Hilarious!

YouTube has launched many a career. As such, I decided to start a new YouTube channel. I named it AnimalWrestlingFed in case you ever want to look it up and have a good laugh. I’ll share with you the first upload:

I thought this to be a good release for writer’s block. When I’m blocked, I can upload a video or two and then watch a few to get me giggling. Once relaxed, I can get back to the task at hand — writing. And who knows…maybe America’s Funniest Home Videos will find my videos and make me a winner of their $10,000 grand prize. I could use the writing advance…LOL!

Enjoy the movie. It’s only about a minute long but it’s well worth your 55 seconds when you need a good chuckle. Have a good Friday and weekend. We’ll do it all again next week.


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  1. I love animals! I have one pet, Tangerine, who is a 7-year-old orange tiger cat. Pets are so great the way that they each have their own unique personalities, like humans! Great post!

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