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Before I start today’s post, I must apologize for my absence over the last 2 days. I was at an all day seminar on Wednesday and a day off with my husband on Thursday. I meant to hang my “Vacation Day” sign on my blog for those two days so you all wouldn’t think I dropped off the planet, but I forgot. Sorry to have gone MIA on ya…

I have been blog hopping today — hopping around on the blogs I read and getting my full. One of the blogs I read is “My Name is Not Bob.” This is one of Robert Lee Brewer’s great blogs and has a wealth of information. Last month, Mr. Brewer did a 30 day Author Platform Challenge. I initially started the challenge on April 1st with everyone else, but then I fell off due to other priorities and was unable to complete the challenge in April. So I decided that I would start up again in May and do it for myself. The title of the article is How to Build (or Improve) Your Writer Platform in 30 Days.

I thought it may be more fun to do this in a group, so I have a challenge for all of my readers who are also authors:

Join me in Mr. Brewer’s excellent 30 day writer platform challenge!

It can only help you improve your writer platform, give you ideas and insights on how to be a better social media-ist, and may even be the catalyst you need to get your butt into gear and get your author platform started or in better shape if you’ve already started.

Over the next couple of days I will be adding an Author Platform Challenge page to my blog. This will be the page where those of you who want to join me in this challenge can hang out and share your achievements and advice during the 30 day challenge. I will include a link to the article on the My Name is Not Bob blog so that we will always have ready access to the daily assignments that Mr. Brewer has put together. At the end of it all, we can all share out accomplishments and then send Mr. Brewer a “thank you” for providing such a helpful challenge for us.

What say you? Will you join me in this challenge? I will be kicking it off on May 15, 2012, and it will continue for 30 days as he has outlined.

Time to share…
Please tell us why you will be participating in this challenge. We would love to know what your goal is during the 30 days.


3 comments on “Blog Hopping…

  1. I’ll join the challenge with you. Might as well keep my momentum going. Funny you talk about building an author platform because I just signed up for twitter today (my writing buddy asked me to). I’ll visit your blog often to see what we need to do.

    The reason I’d like to participate is because why not. No more stalling on my part. I don’t think it’s bad to have an author platform before getting published. I may even try to get my writing buddies to join us. I keep nagging one to start her blog already–probably getting on her nerves LOL.

    Keep smiling,

    • Glad to have you aboard! We kick off today!! I am glad to see that you are starting your platform now — before you get published. No sense in waiting until the “big day.” You are an author now! Get your platform up and start polishing it!! Once that book is in print, then you will be ahead of the game. Looking forward to a wonderful 30 day journey. I hope your writing buddies will come along too!

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