Jackie Collins: Why She Chose to Self Publish

I read a great article recently about author Jackie Collins recently making the decision to self publish. She has a couple of reasons, but the one reason that struck me most:

“But times are changing, and technology is changing, and I wanted to experiment with this growing trend of self publishing.”

‘Nuff said… Ms. Collins hits the nail on the head. The trend is moving toward self publishing for many many many authors, both those already published and enjoying successful writing careers and those of us aspiring to get there.

Whether you decide to pursue traditional publishing or if you go down the self publishing path, I believe all authors should have at least one experience in self publishing. If you take the time to publish a work yourself, then you will have the clearest understanding of the publishing industry. You will know what it takes to get a book from finished manuscript in Microsoft Word, to a printed and bound work that is saleable to the public, as well as what it takes to get that now printed book sold and up on the ratings list.

Why would you want or need this information? Because information is power. Knowing the ropes and how to navigate them puts you in a very powerful position. You may get picked up by a traditional publisher. As a newbie, you wouldn’t know all the ins and outs and what you should negotiate for in your contract. But if you have experienced the process, then you have more information to use when negotiating that part of the contract. You have also had to push a book 100% by yourself — you are the publisher. What you learn while marketing your book and getting the sales numbers up is also invaluable information. Information that can then be used during contract negotiations with a traditional publisher…

So, get published. Self published. And learn the industry to its fullest extent. Place yourself in a position of power. The big boys of traditional publishing have done it for years. Now you can learn what they already know and use it to your advantage. Just like they have done. You should always be willing to learn something new in the industry and have it in your arsenal. It can only further your career. “Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave…”

If you would like to read the full article on Jackie Collins and her thoughts on self publishing, visit the Association of Independent Authors site. Not only for the article, but for the wealth of information that the site offers. The specific article can be found here.

Time to share…
What are your thoughts on what Ms. Collins had to say about her choice to self publish? Do you believe this is valuable information to have — even if your choice is to traditionally publish?