In Loving Memory of Alton “Tony” Friend, Jr.

Tony, My Phoenix

You and I were a world apart
But you were never far from my heart
You played your strings
Never realizing the joy it brings
You played Prince
All that was needed to convince
Me of the musical talent
That was in your soul, deep and valiant

Your walls were painted black
A symbol of your inner attack
Against all that came to haunt your spirit —
You were just not going to hear it!
In all that you do
You continued always being you
A lesson in time
That you have taught me to be mine…

It is because of you
I do all that I do
Not afraid to be different
Quiet, observant, and intent
I will miss you brother
You are like no other
You are my Phoenix —
Flying free. Living forever how YOU mean it!!

Written for Tony
by “Kymmie”
(Kymberleigh Anne Friend) 

Today my family and I laid my brother to rest. My family and I appreciate all of the love and kindness we have been shown during our hour of bereavement.