W.I.N. at Writing encourages people to Write to Inspire and Nurture. All written works, no matter what the genre, can be uplifting and encouraging. As an author, I strive to write empowering works that fill a void in someone’s life. I challenge all those who call themselves authors to do the same.

Kymberleigh Anne is an author with a mission — to ensure that her writing inspires and nurtures those who read it. She believes that all writing should be uplifting, whether it is fiction or nonfiction. Every story has the ability to be inspirational. As a writer, Kymberleigh strives to inject just that into all of her works no matter what the genre.

A writer of books on empowerment, Kymberleigh Anne delivers her message of encouragement to all who read. From the personal experiences she shares of garnering a high dollar salary even in these economic times, to her stories of marriage woes, struggle, and sacrifice, Kymberleigh delivers a strong message of empowerment in her writing. Her stories sometimes touch on subjects that often do not receive the attention they deserve (such as domestic violence) and leave the reader a sense of power to act rather than just dwell in the injustices of such things.

Her current work in progress is a message about determination and channeling your energies properly to achieve your personal goals. It is a story about climbing the corporate ladder with dedication and determination, no matter what obstacles the “good ol’ boys” network attempts to put in your path. Kymberleigh’s message is designed to help you empower yourself and to overcome whatever lies in the path to your career goals.

Look for Kymberleigh’s new book, Six Figures, No College Degree, to be on bookshelves everywhere in April 2013. You may also want to join her newly formed book club — Inspired & Independent — and bask in the glow which reading sheds on our lives. Inspired & Independent can be found here.

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