Oprah Has Done It. Again…

Good morning! Oprah has gone and done it again. She’s started a new book club — Oprah’s Book Club 2.0. On top of that, she’s already picked out 60 or so titles that will be a part of the club. I signed up because I love reading and it’s even better when you have folks to discuss the reading with. Now I will be reading at least 2 books each month — one for the Inspired & Independent Book Club and one for Oprah’s Book Club 2.0.

O’s new book club promises to be an interactive experience on top of the normal “book club” experience. She held up a hardcover edition of the book for this month — Wild by Cheryl Stayed — stating that she (Oprah) still believes in books. I agree — I much rather have a physical book in hand to read then read from an electronic reading device. However, the demands of time and travel have me reading most titles these days from my Kindle Cloud Reader on my iPad. It’s more convenient for me to read from my iPad during my commute to/from work then to lug yet another book along with me on the trip.

Oprah has provided her readers with notes and comments about her favorite and least favorite parts and passages of the book. These notes can be accessed through special “Oprah Editions” of the book being read if you purchase the electronic edition. If you are reading from a traditional book, the same notes can be accessed on Oprah’s book club site. It’s a great idea to incorporate the notes in the electronic book editions so folks who are reading from eReaders don’t have to stop and go online to get to the notes. A great added feature to the club and to the books themselves — keeps everything in one place for the readers. It appears that she is trying to provide the best of both worlds for her book club — staying true to the traditional book club while bringing it into the 21st century technology-wise.

I encourage avid readers to sign up for both the Inspired & Independent Book Club and Oprah’s Book Club 2.0. There will be a lot of banter between members and many many great reads. Looking forward to the discussions…


Syndication! YES!!

Thank goodness today is Friday! I’ve been holding onto this news all week…

The W.I.N. at Writing blog has been syndicated!!! I was approached last week by the Books Editor of Before It’s News, a web-based news portal that gets 10s of 1000s of visitors daily. The Books Editor asked if I would be willing to allow them to syndicate my blog and pull my feed for the Books section of their site. Well you know I said “heck yeah!” It is truly a honor and a blessing to know that my articles are found to be news worthy by my readers and that Before It’s News feels like the information found here can be beneficial to many more people. Thank you to Sebastian Clouth, Books Editor, and Before It’s News for finding the value in my blog.

Now that W.I.N. at Writing has been syndicated, I would love to start having a guest blogger once a month to write an article either on the topic of self publishing or memoir writing. However, if you’d like to submit an article on another topic related to the writing industry, I would be open to hear your suggestions as well. I am currently developing this part of my blogging life; but, if you are interested in being one of my guest bloggers in the future, please post a comment below and we will connect and get you scheduled.

On another note, the Inspired & Independent Book Club officially kicked off today! It’s not too late to join us in this month’s book reading — Chasing Superwoman: A Working Mom’s Adventure in Life and Faith by Sarah DiMickele. The Book Club has divided the book into 4 easy-to-read sections and one section is read each week. We then post our thoughts on that week’s section, with no spoilers if you read ahead, and at the end of the month we give a summary of our reading experience with the book in its entirety. Hop on over and join us. Christine and I have already posted our thoughts on the first week’s reading section.

Lastly, today is Day 1 of CampNaNoWriMo. I am doing CampNaNo this year, at least the June camp…haven’t decided if I’ll do the August camp as well. That’s 50,000 words written in a 30 day period. I am in a cabin with 5 others and we will be supporting and cheering each other on throughout the next 30 days of intensive writing. I hope to be able to finish my first draft by the end of camp, which I’m sure will be more than 50k words. That’s my goal so that I can then start the editing process and get this book published by the end of the year. If anyone is willing to read the finished first draft manuscript sometime in July of this year to give me your input, please let me know.

Whew! Lot’s of news for Friday Frivolities… More is better, so I ain’t complaining LOL!!! Have a GREAT weekend and I will “see” you all on Monday!

New Book Club!

Who doesn’t love a good book?!

As an author, I am also an avid reader. I read for pleasure and for enrichment in my writing life. I would love to share the beauty and tranquility of reading with other avid readers, so I have started a new book club!

Inspired & Independent Book Club

The website is up and contains all of the information for the Club. It will officially launch — we read our first book — on June 1, 2012. Best of all, it’s FREE to join, and always will be…

If you love reading books and novels of all types, hop on over to Inspired & Independent and sign up for the club. The first FIVE people to join (Follow) the site will receive our inaugural book from me as a gift. That’s right — five lucky people will read along with us without having to purchase a copy of the book themselves!! By the way, that is the only expense as a member of the club…purchasing a copy of the book we’re reading that month.

What’s our first book going to be? Wouldn’t you like to know…

I thought about sharing the title of the first book we will be reading as a group. And then I decided that if I spill the beans now, people will pre-read the book this month (May) — before we launch the Club. What fun is that?! So, I will reserve releasing the name of our first Book of the Month until June 1st, where it will be announced at the Book Club site. All genres of literature will be read — we are a diverse world and therefore should share diverse literature.

I hope you will join me on this reading adventure!