In Loving Memory of Alton “Tony” Friend, Jr.

Tony, My Phoenix

You and I were a world apart
But you were never far from my heart
You played your strings
Never realizing the joy it brings
You played Prince
All that was needed to convince
Me of the musical talent
That was in your soul, deep and valiant

Your walls were painted black
A symbol of your inner attack
Against all that came to haunt your spirit —
You were just not going to hear it!
In all that you do
You continued always being you
A lesson in time
That you have taught me to be mine…

It is because of you
I do all that I do
Not afraid to be different
Quiet, observant, and intent
I will miss you brother
You are like no other
You are my Phoenix —
Flying free. Living forever how YOU mean it!!

Written for Tony
by “Kymmie”
(Kymberleigh Anne Friend) 

Today my family and I laid my brother to rest. My family and I appreciate all of the love and kindness we have been shown during our hour of bereavement.


Guest Poet: K.A.O.T.I.K. THOUGHT, Poem: Purpose

Today I am pleased to bring you a poem by W.I.N. at Writing’s guest poet, K.A.O.T.I.K. THOUGHT. This poet is an entrepreneur as well as someone who upholds the principles of this blog — Writing to Inspire and Nurture. One of BUSS-Radio’s “BUSS Drivers”, he can be found running his artist management company (OBM Enterprises & Studios) and hosting his Internet radio show. Look for K.A.O.T.I.K. THOUGHT at the Collective Minds House Music Festival, Labor Day weekend in Druid Hill Park — Baltimore Maryland, as host of the Cultural Arts stage. For a video of K.A.O.T.I.K. THOUGHT performing another one of his spoken word pieces, The King Within, visit OBM Enterprise’s YouTube website.


A twister for your brain, of course all the words will sound the same.
At the end of this poem wont you please tell me my name?
You dont know me from Adam tho you judge me as if you do.
You seem as if my very existence is a bother to you.
I go about my day, I bother no one I stay in my lane.
For the world passes me by I am numb due to my pain.
Some mistakes were made and opportunities were missed.
I had no idea things would turn out quite like this.
I speak to myself mostly dwelling on my regrets.
And because you dont see me I cant get proper respect?
Nobody is perfect who the hell are you to judge?
You don’t know how I got here maybe I should be the one with the grudge
See thats what happens when ignnorance ir present, we must brake this chain
you’re so wrapped up in you, you cant even see another’s pain.
Is it your clothes, cars or money that makes you think you’re so great?
And I’m supposed to be nobody because I don’t have your material items and cant remember the last time I ate?
Your position in life is just that, where you are.
Your zip code and income tax don’t make me a derelict and you a star.
The energy you burn being negative could have a more positive use.
My possession’s are minimal and I’m not ignorant like you so whats your excuse?
You don’t see me because you judge based upon my surface
My experiences in life could have been grand, only Allah (swt) knows their purpose.
I may have knowledge that will help you grow.
I’m talking about your spirituality, centering yourself not your portfolio.
So judge not based upon the surface
For all of Allah’s (swt) creations have purpose.
Your purpose is not greater than mine nor is mine greater than yours
Drop the negative! you blocking your blessings look at all those open windows and doors.
See we can block our blessings by the way that we live
They come in many forms and sometimes the size is determined by what you give.
I am at the end of the twister that is for your brain
So wont you please tell me my name?

(Keep All OldSkool Traditions In Konscious Thought)

Free 2b Me

I want to be Free
Free 2b Me
Like all the other souls on the earth
Who were granted this freedom from birth
But that isn’t in the cards that are followed
They evidently weren’t cut for me to be allowed
To be Free
Free 2b Me

I want to be Free
Free 2b Me
To live, act, think, and be
Whatever it is “I” want from me
Yet everyone around feels it’s their place to say
Exactly how I am to act, and it’s always their way
Never it seems for me that I will be able to be
Free 2b Me

I want to be Free
Free 2b Me
No guidelines or considerations
Of my fellow earthlings’ hesitations
Being who I simply am
And not being “in front of the camera” acting like a ham
Rather, being who Allah (swt) made me to be —
Free 2b Me

I want to be Free
Free 2b Me
Spiritual, sensual, intense and passionate
But oh no, the world just isn’t having it
Never would I ever be permitted to live life
As I am — servant of Allah (swt), entrepreneur, mother, and wife
It just wasn’t meant for me to be
Free 2b Me

I want to be Free
Free 2b Me
Witty, articulate, colorful and fun
All that is fine for me as long as it’s done
In a way everyone else feels I should act
I can’t set myself apart from the pack
Never am I able to be
Free 2b Me

I want to be Free
Free 2b Me
It seems that unless I get nasty
Or reside inside a church’s sacristy
That the world’s judges, jury, and executioner
Who ironically are also my prosecutioner
Will ever allow me to be
Free 2b Me

I want to be Free
Free 2b Me
I am Sumaiyah, nice to meet you
Have I once told you what YOU should do?
Did you not know that Allah (swt) is my guide?
What makes you think you can take me along life’s ride?
Now is the time for me to speak up and let you see
That I am Free 2b Me…