Saturday Shorts: The Cougar Chronicles


Chapter One

     Tee and I became fast friends in college. Both ambitious and not willing to settle, we made and executed a plan in college that would make us both business owners upon graduation. Tee opened up Pree’s Place, a local hangout for spoken word lyricists and indie music artists that we affectionately refer to as “Pree’s.” I launched Diamond Marketing Services, a full service marketing firm. Tee became my first client and I was appointed to the position of Chief Marketing Officer for Pree’s. Together we have managed to set the DMV on its ear and raised the bar when it comes to African American owned and operated establishments.

     Shaheed was a part of our lives from the beginning. Two college girls more interested in planning the future than hanging out in clubs and getting drunk, he was always hanging around as we pined away hours in our studies and on business plans. At his eighteenth birthday, Shaheed attempted to let me know his feelings, although I didn’t immediately get it. A properly raised Muslim, he would have never approached me before he was able to support me fully. Although not yet able to do so, Shaheed’s full scholarship guaranteed that he would soon become Dr. Shaheed Siddeeq, allowing him to provide for wife and family as his chosen path teaches him. Me and Tee just giggled at his attempts to let me know he wanted to be my man and kept it moving. Now gainfully employed and owner of a massive warehouse loft, Shaheed was prepared to pursue the woman he wanted to share his life with, me…

     I hopped up out of the bed realizing there were things that I needed to accomplish today before the ladies hit the streets this evening. I needed to get to my spa appointment, get some groceries up in MaiVen before a sistah starves to death, and a few other errands. I needed to get moving so I wouldn’t have to rush around., It’s a good thing Shaheed and I finished our lovemaking in the shower in the wee hours of the morning — all I needed to do was get dressed and boogie.


     Thursday night. Ladies night. Me and the girls had plans to meet up at Pree’s Place and hang out a while with Tee. Arriving home from the spa with a fresh ‘zil, mani and pedi, I made my usual beeline to the master bath to get the shower started. Brazillions are a marvelous pampering treat but the wax remnants must go immediately!

     Can’t have them hanging around on this sweet snatch… I mused while selecting a pair of black lace thongs, matching lace bustier, and black lace stockings.

     Laying my selections across the bench in the dressing room for easy access, I undressed and went to get into the shower. Just as the shower door opened so I could step in, the phone rang. I answered using the hands free system that Vintage installed earlier this year throughout the house.

     What a convenience. I exhaled as I instructed them system to answer.

     It was Shaheed, calling to check on me as he often did. There was no doubt that he was passionate about his lady and he was making no mistake about letting me know that I was what he was in hot pursuit of. His deep bass filled the bathroom, making me smile gently.

     Hello babygirl. Just checking to make sure you got in. What’s on your agenda for the evening? Will I be seeing you? Shaheed realized after he had already spoken that he hadn’t given Laila a moment to answer one, no less the series of questions that he barraged at her.

     Giggling, Well hello to you too. Let’s see… Where do I begin with this interrogation? I’m not sure what question to answer first. May I have your assistance Dr. Siddeeq? I teased.

     Baby you know I mean nothing behind all that. Just trying to check in with my lady, show her some love, and put my bid in for at least a visit tonight if not a weekend visit. His attempt at being apologetic.

     Me, Tahisa, and Kat are going to hang out with Tee at Pree’s Place. I’m sure we’ll have dinner there — can’t beat Tonesha’s cooking… After that I’d planned to come back home and do something with this head of mine. Needs some maintenance and I can’t seem to squeeze out the time to get to the head shop. You doing anything this evening, or are you laying low?

     I was thinking about playing in those locs of yours. Why don’t you head over here. I’ll help you wash your hair. Shucks — I’ll even give you a reason to have to wash it…

     I bet you will. I’ll have to take that under consideration. Wouldn’t want your neighbor digging up a reason to knock on your door every thirty minutes to make sure you and I aren’t doing anything… 

     I couldn’t keep it together after that. I burst out laughing so hard I couldn’t catch my breath. Miss Synetta Ferguson. Four kids, three baby daddies, and living in the Friendship Lofts where doctors and lawyers make their homes because Terrance Littlejohn, the Raven’s first round draft pick and star quarterback, thought he could turn a hooker into a housewife. Now he’s baby daddy number three, paying about fifteen grand a month in child support, and supporting ‘Netta and her kids without the baggage of being her husband. It’s a shame all she wanted was the money — Terrance really loved her and those kids and would have given her the world as his wife…

     Well consider this, Shaheed’s voice boomed in, snapping me from my thoughts of Synetta, Consider that I know you had an appointment with Suhailah. Consider that I know that means she completed a brazillion on that sweet sacred spot which I’ve been blessed to be allowed to finesse. Consider that you already know that means a tongue lashing coming your way of only the very most passionate kind. Shaheed’s voice became a bit more suggestive as he closed.

     And what a magnificent tongue lashing that would be, I thought to myself. Shaheed was a very intense and passionate lover. Not once has he failed to ensure my total pleasure well before hitting his own home run. Far more well endowed than the average brother, Shaheed packed a jewel that would make the most frigid of women return the passion in stride. I had not been sexually satisfied by anyone to the degree which Shaheed pleased and satisfied me. Wave after wave after wave of cosmic orgasm courses through my body each time we make love. Not ever have I been, and stayed, as wet as he keeps me — pussy oozing sweet nectar in anticipation of his entry as well as during his incessant stroking. Shaheed’s cock was always a challenge for me to receive, even though we’ve been dating for months. Once our relationship became sexual, there were not many nights we did not make love.


     As they continued to banter, Shaheed started to hear the voice of his inner critic. He was a virgin when he first made love to Laila. No other woman has he touched nor did he intend to touch. He felt badly about having sex prior to marriage. He was taught that was sacred and to be saved for marriage. But Shaheed knew that his plan was to marry this woman. That eased his tension about having sex outside of wedlock. He was certain that he and Laila would one day marry. However, every now and then he felt guilty that he did not wait. Laila knew this was an issue for him, but he tried earnestly to prevent it from coming between them. Today was one of those days where it was bothering him. He could feel the prickly little hairs on the back of his neck standing up, agitating him and making him become distracted. He couldn’t let Laila catch wind of this — it would mean a discussion that often lead to negativity between the couple. That is not what Shaheed had in mind for this weekend…

     Quickly returning to reality, Shaheed picked up on what Laila had been chattering about. She’s on that kick again about her stomach and it not being washboard flat. No matter how much he reassures her, Laila is highly self-conscious about this “flaw” in her figure. It’s the one thing that she looks at and equates with getting older.


     Aw girl, come on now with that nonsense. Shaheed chimed in. You know that your body is flawless in my eyes and that’s what matters. I’m your man and as long as what I see — naked or clothed — pleases me, then there’s nothing to concern you about your shape. Have I ever made you doubt that it is you alone that I desire? 

     I couldn’t deny that. Shaheed had made it painfully clear to the world that I was his lady. Me, Laila Diamond, and me alone. Lochern was in an uproar. All the slinky little hoochies trying their best to bed Dr. Siddeeq. Some for the money and glamour of being Mrs. Dr. Siddeeq and some for the sheer glory of being fucked by such a beautiful specimen of a man… I have no doubt that I’m the only one being loved down by the good doctor — too many skeezers in his city flat out angry about our relationship.  They sling too many slurs and accusations about cradle-robbing and me being a black widow to be getting any attention from Shaheed. If any of those cunts were getting so much as an iota of conversation from him there’d be some scuttlebutt scurrying around about it. Rest assured they would not fail to let me know that some bitch was getting some of my time…

     You? You barely pay any attention to me! I see how you be looking at the skanks walking through the mall… I giggled at him playfully. I know full well that he’s a man so he’s going to look, but never has he disrespected me by gawking and sleezing at them. I expect him to look, even pointing out some petite little thing that I feel is his M.O.

     Finally caving, I know baby. But you know I got that thing about this pouch of mine.

     That pouch of yours represents three successful pregnancies and too many losses to number. Shaheed was determined to get Laila to understand that having birthed three children is an honor and accomplishment in which a pouch is to be worn as a badge of pride. He wanted her to understand that beauty is not physical for him.

     He always reminds me that my pouch is from my babies. That’s good and bad. Makes me feel good because he sees it for what it is; but at the same time it makes me feel bad because it’s obvious that Shaheed wants to be with me long term. Marriage even. Marriage means kids and with all the medical difficulties it is for me to have children, that’s just something I wouldn’t put myself or my body through again. Too painful. And besides I’m too old! Knowing that makes me hesitant about getting deeply involved with someone who loves kids, wants kids, and doesn’t have any of his own.

     You are too sweet to me. Thank you for always knowing how to pick me up when I’m down on myself.

     How could I do anything other than that? You are my lady and you need to know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What I behold when you are in my sight is more beauty than I’ll ever need. I just wish you would understand that and stop berating yourself.

     Silence. I mean — what could I say to that? It’s not often I am at a loss for words. I know, I know. I just don’t like it. It makes me look old and fat.

     You’re not old or fat. Now, you’re P-H-A-T phat, but not fat.

     Haha! There you go again trying to weasel your way in by showering me with compliments. Keep ’em coming — it’s working!!!! Hahahahahahaha! I’ll see about swinging by this evening before I head home. I really need to get these locs done up… I’m gonna hop in the shower, the water’s been running this whole time. Keep your cellie on your hip in case I need you.

     Aw now you know I gotcha on that. Never too far from my phone, especially when my lady’s out in the street without me.  Then he blew kisses at me and we hung up.

     I hopped in the shower as the phone rang again. This time, I let it go to voicemail — it couldn’t be Shaheed again that fast. It was time to get this brazillion wax off my sweet mound. As I worked Tangy’s Body Butter into a nice lather, I could hear Rodney leaving me a message. He was going to be at Pree’s tonight. Ummm. Rodney. His smooth and sultry voice left me yearning to feel him inside me just one more time…



Saturday Shorts: The Cougar Chronicles

I am instituting “Saturday Shorts” on my blog. Saturday Shorts are short stories or sections of novels I am writing which I will post once a month, on the first Saturday. These are fun writing exercises that I do to keep myself writing. Who knows? I may end up blogging an entire book and then compiling and publishing it. Whatever happens, know that Saturday Shorts are meant to inspire the writers who read this blog to keep writing, and to give my blog readers something fun to read. Anything posted under Saturday Shorts is a first draft copy — no editing has been done to look for grammar, sentence structure, voice, or any of the other trappings of formal prose. Enjoy Saturday Shorts! I certainly enjoy writing them…

The Cougar Chronicles is my attempt at romance novel writing. Please note: this work may contain expletives and sexual content.



     Laila awakened slowly. She wasn’t quite sure where she was. Plush king size bed. Silk sheets gently caressing her voluptuous curves. Sensual night gown gracing her bosom and hips. Her creamy caramel skin complementing the almond sheets and bedspread… Laila last remembered being at Pree’s Place and being re-introduced to Tee’s brother Shaheed, who had just arrived back in town after graduating from medical school in Tennessee. Groggy, she sleepily rubbed her eyes and realized that her memories were of a time two months ago when Laila and Shaheed met again — this time as adults. Sixty days later and Laila finds herself and integral part of Shaheed’s life and dreams. Her concern is not the whirlwind relationship; Laila is concerned with the age difference and the squawk they receive because of it. She’s a 45 year old Cougar-Diva and her new man is a mere baby at 25…

     Tee and Laila have been besties for years. Twenty to be exact… They met in college and hit it off — been friends ever since. Laila is Tee’s President of Marketing for Pree’s Place, Tee’s verbal venue and hangout. When they met, Shaheed was just turning 5 — Laila helped Tee and her mom plan his birthday party. What a crazy turn of events to be bedding the very man Laila once cared for as a child! But the baby was no more… Strong, black, independent brother making a good living and an excellent name for himself. Waking up nearly every morning with the hottest cougar this side of the DMV in his arms, in his bed. Make no mistake — Laila is a hot commodity in Lochern. She may be 45. She may be considered a cougar. But no other diva in the DMV can touch Laila’s style, class, and total package. Banging body. Beautiful all natural locs that cascade down her back and caress the curves of her ass. Creamy caramel skin and light brown eyes. She has all the ingredients to be classified as the baddest dime in all of DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

     Shaheed is no slouch himself. Tall, light brown skin and eyes. Bald head and full beard. Not only is the man handsome and confident, but he’s paid as well. Shaheed became the new Medical Director for the Hopkins Children’s Center upon completing his first year rotations. Graduating Summa Cum Laude from medical school and bee lining it back to Maryland to work for the Johns Hopkins system — one of the world’s leading medical systems and certainly the most widely known and respected health system in the DC/Maryland/Virginia corridor — Shaheed has set his career and personal goals high and is striving to achieve what he’s set out to do. And part of Shaheed’s goals are to make Laila his lifetime partner and wife…

     But the village just isn’t having it. Rumors and accusations surround their relationship. Hoochies constantly throwing themselves at Shaheed telling him he’s missing out by dining on 40 year old pussy instead of the young and sweet nectar they claim to provide at 20. The bitches have gone as far as to schedule doctor’s visits for their children, showing up scantily clad and being very forward and suggestive. The DMV doesn’t want to see Shaheed marry the woman of his dreams simply because she’s 20 years his senior. DMV divas don’t want to see this union happen — they want Shaheed for themselves.

     And then there’s Rodney…